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You are an athlete

You wake up every morning, not because you have to, but because you want to. You strive to be in the best physical condition you can knowing that your sport has no off-season.

With EQUO’s revolutionary moisture wicking fabric you stay dry, cool, and comfortable, no matter how hard you train.

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You have life obligations

When your personal training is done, you have other obligations; be it school, work, or managing the household. You don’t have time to transition between roles, you just push through it.

With EQUO’s anti-microbial  coating, your body will be germ, spore, and odor free where ever your day takes you.

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At the barn you push yourself and your teammate to the limits. Both of you need to be in peak mental and physical condition for the challenges of the grueling season ahead.

You do this because…

Nobody trains for fourth place

EQUO’s proprietary and revolutionary grip system, EQtek, is designed to keep you closer to your teammate. The comfort and knowledge that you are firmly seated in the saddle will push you both to the next level.

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All day comfort

Whether you are working out, training in the ring, or living your normal life. EQUO’s revolutionary schooling pant will be comfortable and chic in any occasion.

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From saddle 2 sofa

this is the BARNLIFE


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